Bridge Mews

Architect: London Architectural Studio
Location: Hackney, London
Completion: 2013

A former industrial site in Hackney, with a busy road to the front, houses on two other sides and a main London Overground train line to the south formed the setting for this mixed use development.

Initially, one additional storey was proposed for the top of the existing two storey building and we were able to justify the existing building's structure and foundations to carry the load from this. During construction, however, a combination of planner's demands and fluid client's requirements meant that a second additional storey was to be added to the top of the existing building. The original building could not support the loads from the second additional floor so some dividing walls were made structural and additional slender columns were added in other key areas to carry the loads of this down to new foundations.

A new four storey building was also added to the side of the extended existing building, forming an overall L-shaped plan with a shared stair core. The joint between these two buildings was important and treatment of the finishes across it - with enough continuity to satisfy aesthetic requirements but also enough flexibility to allow differential movement - proved a key design issue.