Havana Club - Parties

Designer: Blonstein
Location: Iles des Embiez, France
Completion: 2012 & 2013

Each year, Havana Club Rum sets up temporary party venues at Pernod Ricard's week-long convention on their private island off the coast of Marseilles. The location, structure and setting changes but the scene and design always represents what the brand stands for.

This has included a Cuban Street Party, a selection of temporary cantinas and tapas bars but structurally, its culmination was a full replication of a Havana street scene complete with four storey buildings and a road, all inside a temporary convention centre.

To achieve this, we used a temporary steel structure to support the front section of a replica facade complete with balconies and working rooms. In order to allow the whole thing to be erected in less than two days, we designed a hybrid scaffold and steel deck structure, with clip on pre-fabricated cladding panels and water butts to provide the resistance to overturning. These were filled while the piece was being completed to save time, avoid the need for moving heavy elements and any requirement for positive fixings to the floor, which was prohibited.