Ted Baker: Merry Kissmas

Designer: Kin Design
Location: 5th Avenue, NY; Westfield, London; Omotesando, Tokyo
Completion: 2013

Ted Baker's worldwide Christmas campaign revolved around Mistletoe. As part of this, three iconic shopping venues - New York's 5th Avenue, London's Westfield and Omotesando in Tokyo - were decorated with giant aluminium and LED mistletoe.

Each leaf was formed from bent sheets of aluminium, perforated with tiny mistletoe shapes and was supported with three aluminium tubes. Where each leaf joined another, the six tubes were connected with flat plates so they could act as one element much stronger than the sum of their parts. As more leaves combined, the loads increased and more critically the length of the cantilever supporting the piece increased, but this was matched by the increasing numbers of tubes forming the branch.

This structural system had to address not only the weight of the piece itself, but also the potentially large ice and wind loads as well as large temperature fluctuations common in December.