Coniston Cricket Pavilion

Architect: Ullamayer Sylvester Architects
Location: Coniston, The Lake District
Completion: Due 2015

Enabled by the Grizedale Arts and the Coniston Institute, this competition to design a new cricket pavilion for a local cricket club proved to be an interesting challenge.

The client's brief included a recommendation for pre-fabrication to enable a quick, flexible construction period that could work around the often difficult weather conditions in the area, as well as a requirement for a design that could be built using a large amount of locally sourced labour to add to the community spirit of the project. Added to this was an architectural concept that included cricket bat cladding and a large cantilevering canopy - in an area known for high winds - and the overall structural approach started to get interesting.

Structurally, we designed a system that incorporated a series of prefabricated, 2D and 3D SIPS elements. The 3D elements are placed first to form the primary structure, with each one capable of self-stabilisation in the temporary condition. The 2D panels then formed infill wall, floor and roof elements that also provided increased lateral stability in the permanent condition.