Galveston Road

Architect: Luis Trevino Architects
Location: Wandsworth, London
Completion: 2014

This extension to a family home in Putney includes a strong architectural design that deviates from the standard "side return" but still offers the additional space needed and a fantastic aesthetic.

The new rear and side walls are removed as normal but instead of filling the new space with a rectangular box, the scheme includes an external area under the corner of the house above with projecting glass walled and roofed spaces to either side of it.

The detailing of the interface between the glass, steel and brickwork required careful attention to generate the seamless lines between them. This was a key aspect of the design that, combined with the overall geometry and partially covered external space, meant the distinction between internal and external volumes was softened, leading to light and airy spaces and a feeling that you are always outside even though the environment is warm and dry.