Water End House

Architect: Kirkland Fraser Moor Architects
Location: Berkhampstead
Completion: Estimated 2014

This new, three storey, family home is set on an idyllic site in the Hertfordshire countryside. It includes a basement over the entire footprint of the house that extends out at the end to form a sunken terrace off the main living area. The fully glazed end elevation at basement level can be opened completely to allow full integration between the internal and external spaces and generous natural light into the underground areas of the building.

Floor to ceiling glazing runs down each side of a double height atrium that links the living areas to the bedrooms. This atrium extends up into the roof space to create a large volume, with a small study forming a first floor link bridge that bisects the space.

A varied site history meant that historical contamination across the site required careful attention during the construction phase of the work to protect site operatives as well as longer term consideration to capping and remediation of the site.